The urology service is a consultant led service. The urology service is offered to NHS Patients from all over the district and feedback from the service has been excellent.

Patients needing to be seen by an urologist can be referred in from their own GP by Choose and Book, fax or letter. They will be contacted with a convenient appointment time and date this will be for an outpatient appointment with assessment.

When in the outpatient clinic, you will be seen by the consultant surgeon who will have a one-to-one consultation with you and assess before any procedure is taken place. On the day of the your consultation, the healthcare staff will be present and will talk you through the different options of treatment if required. Most of our services are carried out in house although you may have to travel to a hospital but this can all be arranged with you.

Here at Phoenix Health Solutions, we offer a range of treatments such as vasectomy, circumcision, flexible cystoscopy, Trusp biopsy and injection therapy of botox into the bladder (please see the information leaflets below). Patients are given information leaflets on the day of the outpatient consultation.

Patients will be asked to attend Phoenix Health Solutions for a MRSA screening test which is done by one of our healthcare assistants 2 weeks prior to surgery. This is a quick test and should take no more than 10 minutes. This must be done before surgery can be taken place.

On The Day of the Surgery

On arrival, patients are taken into the urology suite where they will be assessed by one of our health care assistants. Patients will be asked a few questions regarding your medication, allergies, health problems and your blood pressure will be monitored. Once this is complete one of the team will show you through to the changing rooms. We provide lockers for you to put your belongings in while getting changed.

The patient is then taken in to the operating room - this procedure can take from 15 minutes to 1 hour. While in the operating room, you will be introduced to the members of the team including the scrub nurse, circulating nurse and consultant surgeon. While having your surgery, the team will talk you through the procedure if you wish and will explain all after care. If having a vasectomy, you may be fitted with a jock strap (scrotal support).

After The Procedure

After the procedure has been finished, the nurse will escort you through into the recovery area. The nurse in recovery will give instructions on what to do after the procedure while at home and you will be given sample pots and forms to take away with you (if having vasectomy). Your blood pressure will again be monitored and the healthcare team will provide you with a drink and a biscuit before you go home.

If you have any concerns or problems after the operation, please contact the surgery and speak to a member of our admin or healthcare team so arrangements can be made for you to see them.


You will be seen back at Phoenix Health Solutions as an outpatient depending on what was discussed on the day of procedure by you and the consultant. This is usually within 6-8 weeks after surgery.