Vascular surgery

A vascular surgeon diagnoses, treats and manages conditions in your arteries and veins, also called your blood vessels. These specialists treat a range of health problems, from spider and varicose veins, hernias, leg and foot ulcers to life-threatening aneurysms, and can help patients manage chronic conditions throughout their lives. The vascular surgery performed at Phoenix Health Solutions includes radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins, sclerotherapy (injection) of varicose veins, repair of inguinal and umbilical hernias and removal of lumps and bumps.

Waiting times

Referral to first assessment 3 weeks.

About the service

Our NHS vascular surgery is performed by a vascular consultant supported by a dedicated nursing team.

Service eligibility

We accept all referrals from accredited GPs.

Before your operation

On being referred to us for vascular surgery you will be contacted by our friendly staff to arrange a convenient appointment usually within three weeks of the referral.

At your initial consultation you will be assessed by either Mr Haldipur or Mr Pillay (vascular surgeons). You can ask any questions around your care during this appointment. Your initial appointment includes a full assessment and may include an ultrasound scan. Your appointment takes approximately 18 minutes. You may be required to have further investigations which the consultant will discuss with you. If an operation is required this will be discussed in detail and you will be taken through the risks and benefits of the procedure and will sign a consent form with the consultant.

Following this appointment you will be given a date for your operation and a date for MRSA screening. Prior to your operation the MRSA screening result is checked in order to ensure it is negative. If it proves positive your operation will be cancelled and you will be prescribed antibiotics and screened again for MRSA prior to being re-listed for your operation. You are not able to have your operation until your MRSA screening is negative.  

On the day of the operation

Your operation will be performed by Mr Drury (consultant vascular surgeon) in our day surgery unit. On arrival you will be received by our reception staff and nursing staff who will support you through our pre-admission process. Prior to your operation nursing staff will take your blood pressure and do vital observations. You will then be seen by Mr Drury (consultant vascular surgeon) prior to your operation and you can ask any questions related to the operation. You will then be taken to the operating theatre for the procedure which usually takes about an hour.

After the operation

You will be given post operative instructions regarding wound care and after care advice. A contact number is also provided for if you have any concerns. If you do have any concerns or problems after the operation please contact the surgery and speak to a member of our admin or healthcare team so that arrangements can be made for you to be seen immediately.


You will be seen at Phoenix Health Solutions for a post operative check up by Mr Haldipur or Mr Pillay, 6-8 weeks post operatively for a hernia repair and lump removal and 2-3 months post operatively for radiofrequency of varicose veins.