Recovery suite

After your operation

When your operation has finished you will be taken into the recovery area by the nurses in clinic.

At this point you will be monitored by the clinical staff. The time you wait in recovery is variable depending on how quickly you recover from the anaesthetic and you will be given something to eat and drink.

Patients are typically in the recovery area for 30 minutes – 1 hour although this can vary depending on the operation.

This is also where we make arrangements for you to be discharged. We offer nurse-led discharge which means that once you and our nursing staff are satisfied that they have fully recovered, you are free to return home without seeing a doctor.


After discharge

Before you leave, the nurse will give you verbal and written information about any follow-up appointments. You may need a specific wound care and pain relief advice leaflet or prescription.

Patients are advised to provide their own paracetamol and ibuprofen. We will give you written information that explains when to take the next dose and how often you will need to do this.

Some patients will have take-home medicines which you will need to collect from pharmacy. Do not travel home by public transport and make arrangements to have someone to come and collect you and escort you home.